The 16 Best Augmented Reality Apps For iOS and Android

Although to many, the term “Augmented Reality” still seems like a somewhat futuristic concept, the fact is that this technology has been with us for years. In simple terms, augmented reality overlays computer-designed images and reality, creating a union between the two.
Visually it is attractive and fun, but if you want to know if it is worth it, maybe you should form your own opinion with this selection of the best-augmented reality applications for iOS and Android that we have prepared for you.
1. BBC Civilizations AR

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Education is one of the best uses for Augmented Reality , and it’s applications like this are beginning to pave the way for a future-focused on AR . The BBC Civilizations AR app allows you to admire various historical artifacts, locate, rotate, and resize them as you see fit.
You are given a handy tutorial the first time you start the app, which guides you through an Egyptian mummy, you hear about its history, and you can even view it with an X-ray feature.
There are over 30 historical articles for you. Admire, explore, and photograph in your living room. It is an excellent application for anyone interested in history or those who want to know the (very likely) future.
2. SketchAR

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There is something of an artist in all of us, but not all of us have time to sit down and practice drawing by hand for hours. SketchAR are AR strokes: make a couple of circles on a piece of paper and choose a sketch, and SketchAR will project that image onto the paper, allowing you to trace the missing lines.
It’s not precisely a tracer, as you’ll have trouble matching lines perfectly, but it works great if you’re looking to practice specific drawing techniques. It can be a bit awkward: Holding a phone with one hand and drawing with the other isn’t exactly a very natural position to say, but it’s worth trying.
Works with small pieces of paper on most ARCore capable phones. It is available for Android, iOS, and Microsoft HoloLens headphones .
3. Pokémon Go

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This would not be a complete list if we did not include Pokémon Go, a game that has captured millions of people’s attention as soon as it was released. The game uses the cell phone’s GPS to track your location and move your avatar on the game map. Your cell phone camera shows pokemon in the real world.
Players of Ingress, another Niantic app, will see similarities between the two applications, starting with the Pokestops, which are the same portals in Ingress. Deploying the original 150 Pokémon is the best the developer has been able to do. Niantic continues to improve the app, adding new features like barter.
4. Mondly

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