Why YouTube Comment Finder is Your Best Ally in Comment Moderation

If you are running a YouTube channel, you are aware of the importance of engaging your audience enough that they leave a comment. It is an essential part of the digital transformation of your business. However, moderating comments can be a special kind of hell. This is why using a YouTube comment finder is your best ally in comment moderation.
As this platform has developed, YouTube has tried to find new and innovative ways to save you time when moderating comments. It is easier than ever to weed out all of the comments that are inappropriate, offensive or simply irrelevant. In turn, you are able to engage more fruitfully with the viewers you care about.
The reasons for comment moderation
Even though it might not seem so at first glance, but a video streaming website like YouTube is actually quite an intimate social network.
Sure, people in the comment section can hide behind usernames, but the people publishing the content are generally mining their private lives for content and putting it out there for all to see, making them very vulnerable.
Even brands should feel vulnerable, as the audience engagement in the comments can quickly go sour.
The fact that comments are mostly anonymous invites a particular kind of vitriol into the comment section.
Anonymity gives people the courage to troll, spam and abuses the comments underneath your video.
Whether you are running a channel for a brand or a person, you want to have a quick way of putting a stop to this.
A YouTube comment finder can help you do this easily and efficiently.
This way, you’ll avoid not only having a mess of comments but even extreme situations like having a brand’s reputation ruined overnight.
What should you be looking for in the comments?
As stated above, the main reason you want to moderate comments is so you could be in control of your comments section.
Besides deleting spam and other inappropriate content, you also want to ensure you are able to show appreciation for the comments of your loyal audience members.
In addition, you want to be able to answer or clarify any questions about your products or brand.
Finally, this way you will be able to control misinformation about your brand that might be out there. 

The best YouTube comment finders and tools for moderating comments
Comment moderators
Whatever channel you are running, you can add comment moderators to your channel.
This way, finding and moderating comments won’t be just one person’s job.
A comment moderator is basically a human YouTube comment finder.
Once you add them, they will be able to weed through the comment section and remove any comments they find inappropriate.
These comments will then be held for review.