Best Live Streaming Software for Professional Streamers and Gamers

Best Live Streaming Software
Today we will go to give you a crash bang course in streaming software – from broadcasting software options to streaming apps and all your options in between. If live streaming on Twitch or YouTube is your goal, and honestly it’s so fun I don’t know why it wouldn’t be, I think you’ll be ready to jump right in once you realize how simple the software side of it can be.
Live Video Streaming Software
With the help of these streaming services Softwares, you can live video streaming on –

Facebook Live
YouTube Live
Instagram Live
LinkedIn Live, and more.

Let’s break it down! When it comes to streaming services broadcasting software or live streaming software, there is a range of options out there at various price points, so we’ll go over the most common.
OBS Studio [Open Broadcaster Software]

This live streaming software is free and it’s available on both Mac and PC. It is the foundation that Streamlabs OBS was built on. It is probably one of the most popular solutions out there when it comes to living streaming software. This is definitely on the more advanced side of things, In regards to the level of control and everything that you have over your live stream.
OBS studio makes it easy to set up different scenes for your live stream, so you might have a scene where it’s your webcam for the screen. OBS gives you lots of advanced controls over the set up of your live streams. Now one big advantage with OBS though, is that you’ve got a massive plugins library.
StreamYard | Live Streaming Software

StreamYard is a web-based option that is, for lack of a better way to say it. It’s the easiest streaming software I’ve ever used. It’s a fantastic option for you to live streaming. Since it’s web-based it doesn’t matter what type of computer you have because it doesn’t hog your resources as other live streaming software does.
Moreover, it’s super easy on your computer. StreamYard is also a fantastic choice for you as well. In the StreamYard, you just log into their website, and then from that point on you click a few buttons and you are ready to go live.
Streamlabs OBS | Live Streaming Software

With Streamlabs OBS you can take things to the next level. As live streaming software, they have tons of built-in graphics and built-in scenes that you can use. Moreover, They have different kinds of widgets where you can add chat to your screen and alerts popping up when people subscribe to your channel they donate to what it is that you’re doing.
Streamlabs OBS is much more optimized and uses less of your computer processing power, of your CPU. It does pretty much all the stuff that you need a live stream to do. You can add multiple scenes, multiple crops to it look like you are using different cameras.

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