Leaker reveals PS5 price and preorder timing

Sony will reportedly start PS5 preorders as soon as early June, an insider claims.
The leak is in line with the person’s previous PlayStation 5 leaks that said the console should be unveiled in early June and hit stores in mid-November.
There’s no evidence to back up any of these claims, however.
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We have yet to actually see it, but the next-gen PS5 is one of the hottest products of the year. That’s assuming Sony launches the PS5 on time this year, considering everything that’s going on right now with the novel coronavirus. This health crisis is probably the reason why the PlayStation 5 design remains a mystery. Sony was supposed to hold a PlayStation event in February or March, but that never happened. Sony didn’t even have time to send out media invites for such an event, so we have no way of knowing whether the company really planned to reveal the new console in early 2020. Sony also pulled out of all other tech events that followed, including MWC and a few gaming shows.
Aside from the PS5 logo reveal at CES 2020, Sony had just two other major PS5 announcements this year, including the PS5 specs announcement and the new DualSense controller unveiling. But a PS5 announcement might be just around the corner, according to several reports from the past few days. Now, one of those leakers claims that PS5 preorders might start very soon.

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A well-connected blogger said a few days ago that PS5 news is coming in a few weeks, without revealing any specifics. Then, a leaker who claims to have knowledge of Sony’s PS5 plans said on Twitter that the new console will be unveiled in early June and that it’ll be released on November 20th .
This person goes by the name of @PSErebus on social media and he or she has been posting supposed PS5 details since late 2019 . Back then, the supposed insider offered the same release date for the gaming rig and said the console would cost $499.

£50 deposit in store at GAME. No deposit required online if you pay with a Debit or Credit card. Payment will only be taken up to seven days before the November 20, 2020 release date. Preorders begin in the first week of June. GAME will not tell you this until Sony announces it pic.twitter.com/DAkblpLeSv
— Iron Man (@PSErebus) May 7, 2020

In a recent reply to other Twitter users, the insider said that video game retailer GAME will take in-store PS5 preorders for £50, adding that no deposit is required if you pay online for the console. “Payment will only be taken up to seven days before the November 20th, 2020 release date,” the leaker said. “Preorders begin in the first week of June.” He or she stated that GAME will not reveal any PS5 preorder details until Sony announces them...