Make a Modular Mini Mix from your built-in speaker!

Making noise on modular gear requires some essential elements – electricity, space, money, and speakers! The Eurorack Mini Speaker Kit from Clacktronics is a great addition to your eurorack, whether you’re making music on the move, in need of some low-level jams, or if you want some super experimental sampling capability! This simple yet effective device covers a lot of bases, at the same time as being compact and easy to make.
As suggested in the name, this Mini Speaker comes in kit form with all the components and front panel included. It features a small amplifier board, which amplifies the incoming signal for playback on the speaker – blasting out your selected sounds over the airwaves! This is ideal for monitoring your main mix on a portable system, isolating one element or for live sampling using an external microphone.

It’s a beginner friendly build, featuring a handful of components and therefore minimal troubleshooting will be required.The resulting unit is 6HP wide and 3U high, and has a depth of 50mm. Follow the assembly instructions on the Clacktronics website, where you’ll also find a BOM to see what’s included.
Watch the build guide below to see Clacktronics in action. Check out their Tindie store for more electronic goodies!