The Jobs ‘Automation Revolution’ that Wasn’t?

A new study finds that automation has not been gobbling up jobs at breakneck speed as expected, according to an article in National Review.


Instead, the rate of job automation has been pretty much flat during the past 20 years, say economists Keller School and Robin Hanson.

“The fundamental nature of automation hasn’t changed over the past 20 years,” Hanson says. “There’s this AI media story that’s been played over and over again for the last decade, and people are so familiar with it that they don’t bother to research it,” he adds.

In other AI-generated writing news:

*Instant Legalese – Courtesy of AI-Generated Writing: Ghost-writer Joshua Lisec takes a look at interesting, new applications of GPT-3 — a well-known AI-generated writing tool — in this 16-minute video.

One gripping example: How GPT-3 can be used to instantly convert everyday English into legal writing — with the proper training.

Using GPT-3, for example, someone can type, “My landlord entered my apartment without my permission.”

In response, GPT-3 trained in legalese will instantly change that wording to, “Defendant entered plaintiff’s dwelling without plaintiff’s consent.”

Similarly, type in, “My apartment had mold and it made me sick,” and GPT-3 will render the wording in legal prose with “Plaintiff’s dwelling was infested with toxic and allergenic mold spores and plaintiff was rendered physically incapable of pursuing his or her usual and customary vocation, occupation and/or recreation.”

Even more striking: Translating into legalese is only one of a myriad of applications possible with GPT-3, according to Lisec.

*AI Writing and Marketing Tools: A Look at Some Top Vendors: ClickZ offers its take on some of the top AI-generated writing and similar tools available for marketers.

Making the list is MarketMuse, an AI tool that suggests changes to your marketing text, based on the primary, secondary and tertiary keywords you’re using.

Also aces is Atomizy, according to ClickZ.

It’s an AI tool that helps you select the best subject line for your marketing email, based on the system’s knowledge of what has worked best for more than a million email campaigns.

“AI is transforming marketing—giving marketers more accurate and more useful insights on a continuous basis,” observes ClickZ writer Charlie Braithwaite.

“Whether you want to optimize your content, advertising, or audience management, there’s a tool out there for you,” Braithwaite adds.

*AI-Aided Fiction Writing: A Deep Dive: Joe Solari, founder, The Business of Writing, takes an in-depth look at AI-powered fiction coaching tool Authors A.I. in this 53-minute video.

Dubbed “Marlowe,” the software uses AI to show writers how their novel stacks-up against proven best sellers.

“What we’re trying to do is sort of...