Trump demands a cut of TikTok deal

In a Mafia-like response, Donald Trump has hit new highs today by suggesting that the US Treasury should get a cut of any TikTok sale after “facilitating” the it.
As you remember, businessman Trump has threatened to ban Chinese-owned TikTok in the USA and wants an American company like Microsoft to buy it. However, the possible sale looks only to be moving forward due to the threat of the app being completely blocked.
It’s effectively like someone opening a pizza place in Sicily, doing very well, and then the Mafia threatening to close the place unless the owners sell to the local criminals.
Mr Orange stated that, if sold to Microsoft or another US company, the US government should get a “substantial portion” of the sale and that …
The United States should get a very large percentage of that price, because we’re making it possible.
Trump has set a date of September 15th for a sale to happen, else a “ban” will be deployed so that US users can no longer use TikTok.
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