This Bluetooth 5 Dev Kit is a Great Way to Cut Your Teeth on Bluetooth 5 Connectivity

The wide world of development encompasses a huge number of different categories and disciplines. With such a large scope, it can be difficult to find a good starting point. That’s why bundles such as the  Bluetooth 5 Dev Kit Developer Kit , which gives you several options for how you want to get started, can be a great way to learn!
This particular bundle Based on Nordic nRF52832 includes the following:

2x ACN52832 Bluetooth 5 modules
A DIY breakout circuit board
An ACNBreakout Kit
A long (50cm) USB cable.

Altogether, this allows you to utilize up to 28 GPIOs with the benefit of flexible module pin mapping. It’s also easy to program the system on a chip (SoC) thanks to the ACN52832 featuring a Tag-Connect programmer footprint on each one.
This kit is also easy to develop and program with mBed or Keil µvision. Each ACNBreakout Kit, includes two Pin Headers, three Capacitor 100 nF, and one ACN Breakout Board. All of these components provide users a complete kit to develop their own solutions and a quick introduction to rapid prototyping of IoT products.