10 Genius Ways Smart Homes Can Make Your Life Safer And So Much Easier

Pretty much everywhere you look, you’re going to bump into something labeled “smart”: smartphones, smart watches, smart toothbrushes, and of course — our personal favorite at  Guardian Protection  — all-inclusive smart homes.

What is smart home automation?

Smart home automation uses internet-connected devices to monitor and control various things throughout your house, like lights, cameras, locks, and more. The devices are connected to each other and are accessible through one main point, like a smartphone or a computer.

A smart home gives you control over everything in your home and how it works.

Guardian Protection offers, installs, and supports a range of smart home security devices. Many customers only scratch the surface of what these products can actually do.

But we want to help you dig into the really interesting stuff, the functionality that makes them truly smart. For example, smart home products have self-learning skills, allowing them to adapt to your routines and preferences. Better yet, a smart home can grow with you, allowing you to easily build upon it and expand as needed.

Let’s explore 10 genius ways you can use smart home technology to make everyday life safer and easier, told from the perspective of our buddy, Paul. Paul is the father of two awesome kids, and has a demanding career. He loves spending time with his kids, watching baseball, playing with his dog, and eating Thai food.

Smart Home Solution: Smart Lighting

If you have a smart home and you haven’t added connected lighting into the mix, you’re missing out. Guardian Protection’s  light control modules  work in tandem with many of our other devices, including your security panel.

Integration with motion sensors — both standalone motion sensors and those embedded in the video doorbell — can trigger the lights to turn on. There are a number of ways to customize how and when this happens.

Light controls are perfect for rooms where lights are needed and often left on accidentally, like a basement.

To add smart lighting to your security system, you will need a Z-Wave compatible light control module or a hardwired compatible wall switch, based on your needs or preferences. To set up rules and schedules, you will need to log in to  MyGuardianHome.com .

If you’re not sure what the best lighting options are for your home, or need help setting rules for your home, just give us a call at 1.800.PROTECT (1.800.776.8328).

Smart Home Solution: Smart Thermostat

You’ve probably heard a lot about  smart thermostats  in recent years — they’re everywhere, and for good reason. When synced with a smart home security system, they can do even more than regulate the temperature.

In the event of a fire, our  monitored smoke detectors  can send a signal to your thermostat, telling it to shut the air off so it doesn’t...