Zoho launches ‘BackToWork’ solution to help companies return to work

Zoho, which is a global software development company, has launched a solution to enable businesses to safely transition back into the workplace.
The solution is a mini-suite of products called ‘ BackToWork ’ and is free for the rest of 2020. It comes with six pre-built modules that Zoho says covers all aspects of concerns an organization will have when returning to the workplace.
The modules cover topics including wellness, safe entry, employee self service, communications and volunteering.
Zoho notes that the solution can be used for a variety of things, including deciding how frequently self-assessments needs to be done, regardless of whether employees are visiting the workplace or not.
“Organizations can deploy with a one-step onboarding process after signing up. Post-deployment, the admin can add employees by importing or uploading from an existing employee list,” the company explained in a blog post.
After completion, employees can access the application on the web, and from iPhone and Android devices.
The solution is currently available for free until the end of 2020, after which it will cost $2 USD (about $2.66 CAD) per month for each user.
Image credit: Zoho
Source: Zoho

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