Keep your camera safe and organized with our favorite camera backpacks

While any camera bag is an excellent idea to keep your lenses and bodies organized, not all bags are created equal. Having a backpack with all your gear in is much more comfortable over long periods and won't hurt your shoulders like a messenger bag. We spend a lot of time going to conferences and launch events with a lot of camera equipment, and we have spent some time looking at the best camera backpacks available. Here are some of our favorites.

Best Overall

USA GEAR DSLR Camera Backpack

Staff Pick

The USA gear camera backpack is the perfect blend of usefulness and price. The large storage area is perfect to fit a DSLR camera body with a lens attached, and the handy side pocket allows you quick access to the camera without having to dig through your other gear. I found the small front pouch incredibly convenient for holding my SD cards as well. They are always easy to lose in your bag, and the dedicated spot for them is a godsend.

$60 at Amazon

Best Value

Neewer Camera Case

Sometimes the best backpack is the one you can afford. This simple DSLR carry case from Neewer is perfect to start you on your photography journey and comes with adjustable partitions that let you house lenses, bodies, and flashes safely in any configuration you can imagine.

$34 at Amazon

For all the gear

TARION Pro Camera Backpack

The further along in the photography game you get, the more gear you are likely to accumulate. I have six lenses, two bodies, and several flashes, so having a large-sized backpack can be a bonus. This Tarion backpack has the space to store everything you need inside, but it also has a little secret bag. This smaller bag fits your most used bodies and lenses, ready to be pulled out quickly.

$119 at Amazon

Fashionably practical

TARION Camera Backpack

Backpacks don't always have to be ugly and useful; they can be good looking too. This water-resistant backpack from Tarion has beautiful leather accents while still keeping all the convenient pockets a camera pack needs. The side pocket for accessing your DSLR is excellent, and the slot for your laptop is well cushioned to keep it safe as well.

$80 at Amazon

Peak awesomeness

Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L

This camera pack is for the seasoned professional. When you reach a certain point in your career, you know exactly what you need to take with you, and the Peak backpack will house it all with ease. The main pocket can be accessed from both sides of the bag, and the zippers have an excellent antitheft system for when it is on your back. The comfort level of wearing a Peak backpack is off the charts as well, so you'll be loaded with what you need and be comfortable too.

$270 at Amazon

Lock and loaded

Having a good backpack is essential if you want to...