Top 5 Home Automation YouTube Channels You Should Watch in 2020

Welcome back Automator’s! It’s that time of the year again! If you haven’t check out our previous reviews from 2018 and 2019 on the best smart home channels on YouTube, please click the links below.  

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I have been receiving great feedback about this series, even Matt from Undecided with Matt Ferrell gave me a shout out! So, I decided to create a third installment on Top 5 Home Automation YouTube channels you should watch in 2020. 

With so many smart home product review channels on YouTube, it can be an overload of information for any beginner. But it can also be a great place to learn about the latest smart gadgets from your favorite YouTube creator. 

So, with that being said, here are my top 5 home automation review channels filled with educational videos, quality content that will help you make those purchasing decisions a little bit easier.  

Top 5 Home Automation YouTube Channels You Should Watch In 2020 

1. DIY Smart Home Guy 

DIY Smart Home Guy is one of the popular smart tech-focused YouTubers out there, and for good reason. His videos have great production value, and often a nice dash of humor. 

John is the presenter and creator of the DIY Smart Home Guy YouTube channel. HIs content includes how-to, reviews, updates and some home automation tricks.  

I would say that this channel is only for the truly geeky smart home enthusiast, it’s not for the average user. There is also a  Facebook group you can join  to share your experience and cool automation ideas! 

If you have a sense of humor and the DIY type of personality, this channel is for you.   Smash that subscribe button !

Current Subscribers  – 18.5 

Current Uploads  – 112 

Current Video Views  – 1,801,139 

Joined  – Sep 21, 2010 


Formerly known as Security Baron is now known as . The entire security team (Gabe Turner, Alize Vigderman and Corey Birnstengel) is combined with over 96 years of law enforcement and security. 

Most of the content provided on You Tube is presented by Gabe Turner, the director of content and also the face of the brand. Gabe is a security tech enthusiast and reviews the best smart security devices available in the market. is based out of my hometown New York City where every resource they create is backed by credible studies and aimed at equipping and empowering viewers and readers with information that truly matters. 

Due to Gabe and the team passion about safety, technology, and the combination of the two makes videos really interesting to watch. He also gives you great tips to use your security devices in the best way.