The Secret Behind Every Bestselling eBook

With so many writers out there and books getting published left and right, it is only natural to believe that the competition for a book becoming a bestseller must be fierce. However, we’re here to tell you that if you follow the right guidelines and take the right steps, the road to getting that “bestseller” tag in front of your book on Kindle is still achievable.
Back in the day, publishing a book always used to be in publishers’ favor.
It was up to them what they want to publish, how they market, and which books they take towards the best-seller market. A lot of politics went into this, and a lot of money exchanged hands as well.
Amazon eliminated that trend by giving YOU the power. Now, everything from writing to publishing to setting prices and becoming a bestseller is in your hands. Amazon also broke down the “bestseller” tag and assigned it to niches, i.e. bestselling fiction, bestselling autobiography, etc. thus giving writers a better chance at earning that tag .
The revenue of the eBook industry stands at $15.7 billion in 2020 , rising by 6.2% each year. At the same time, there are over 1.02 billion readers worldwide growing at a whopping 8% per annum. Around 8 million readers every year.
How can you become a bestseller and stand out from the crowd?
Here, we’ll explain in detail how you can do that, all the way from writing an eBook or getting one written, editing it, publishing and marketing in a way as to enjoy the esteemed bestseller badge to the fullest. If you’re wondering, apart from satiating the ego, the tag really does make a difference in terms of sales.
The Secrets Behind Every Bestselling eBook
These eBooks don’t fall from the sky, nor is there a spirit guiding bestselling authors about what to write and what not to write about. Every bestselling author started right where you are; in front of a screen, contemplating whether their idea is worth it or not.
Here is what you need to do to craft the perfect eBook.
Decide on Your Niche
Deciding where your niche is, is where you will decide which way you’ll lean in your writing, and what category of ‘bestsellers’ you will be recognized in.
When you are deciding your niche, it’s as simple as choosing a class in a 24 Hours of Le Man’s race . Choose the fastest, most competed for niche.   Think: prototypes in Le Man’s talk and Fantasy in eBooks, or the C class, slower cars where there is competition, but it’s not as fierce. These are autobiographies and children’s books.
You can go all-in and try your luck in numerous or all categories if you’re really confident about your idea. Make a decision here and stick to it. Changing genres from fantasy horror to crime thriller mid-writing is one of the worst things you can do to your eBook.
Remember, sticking to one niche means you’re not only competing with fewer authors — but you also get more authority. You get...