The SnapPower ConnectLight is a new motion-activated smart guidelight

What you need to know

The SnapPower ConnectLight is a motion-activated guidelight.
But you can pair multiple lights together to create automations.
There's support for multiple zones as well.

No more falling down the stairs because of badly placed toys.

The SnapPower ConnectLight is an interesting idea and it's one that seems so simple you almost pass on it. Then you look a little deaper and realize just how clever it is. On the surface it's a motion-activated guidelight, but deep down it's a smart light that can be used to automate other lights around your home.

Available via Kickstarter starting at $17, these things are so popular that they were able to raise $80,000 in just a couple of hours. And it's easy to see why, too.

The gist is simple. You replace your standard wall outlet facia with one of these ConnectLights and it instantly becomes a motion-activated night light, pathway light, or any other kind of light. Connect some more and pair them up and activating one light will activate them all. So simple, but so useeful.

Fill your home with these things and you can use the zone controls to make sure that only the right lights turn on at the right time. Want the garage light to activate when you drive in but don't want your kid's light to turn in in their bedroom? No problem!

There are no batteries or wires to deal with and the promo video even shows a monkey installing one of the ConnectLights. Oh, and each one lasts up to 25 years, too.

Head on over to Kickstarter for all the deets and a pretty great promo video, too.