The Future of Marketing is Digital: Are you Ready?

Online marketing is inescapable for any business wanting to move into the modern way of operating. While traditional marketing still holds its place, its digital cousin offers an unbeatable reach and speed of results.
To fully harness the potential your business has to succeed, excellent digital marketing practices are necessary. Pay per click marketing and social media are stalwarts of promoting your business online, but for cost-effective, trackable results, SEO is king. Let’s take a look at digital marketing. 

Traditional vs. online marketing
Traditional marketing is the core of any business with a physical presence, be it on the high street or as a provided service. Its benefits are many: being able to retain marketing materials for future campaigns, being understandable and straightforward for those less digitally aware and easily reaching your local surroundings are possibly the main three. Taking flyers as an example, around 79% of recipients keep leaflets or share them with a friend, with 23% of them reading them thoroughly. As a quick, personal, and immediate technique, this is unlikely to die out.
However, such methods must be complemented by a digital counterpart. As of July 2019, 72% of adults who took part in a survey use at least one social media site, making the reach of Twitter accounts, Instagram influencers, and Facebook ads truly unmatched. These platforms can generate and direct traffic towards your website, boosting brand awareness and sales. 
Producing content on your website such as blog posts or news updates, keeps the pages original and fresh, helping the prevention of dropping down search engine results pages. Promoting these new pages through social media drives more traffic, and the cycle continues. 
The Power of SEO 
Online marketing can introduce your business to a whole world of new customers. What is perhaps less commonly known, however, is the importance of SEO. Seeking out experts such as a ALT Agency, who are a Birmingham SEO agency will help detail an SEO and digital marketing strategy as well as provide advice on social media and web design. The use of professionals when it comes to digital marketing cannot be more highly recommended, as for first-time users of online trading or newcomers to SEO strategy, it can be difficult to know where to start. Once you get started, you can look at reaching a more local audience. This can be achieved with local SEO and focusing on Google maps. 
Google Maps is easily the most popular navigation app , so registering your business with Google and matching up your contact details and address with those on your website is essential to being found by potential customers in your area. 
How to prepare
As mentioned, registering with Google is the best place to start. You need to be found on Google Maps, and high up on Google searches to best...