Reinventing the IoT Platform for Discrete Manufacturers

A NEW APPROACH: JUMP STARTING THE PLATFORM The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) space is hot as manufacturing represents perhaps the largest greenfield opportunity left for digitization. Yet, IoT platform implementations have historically had a high rate of failure within this vertical.  What’s contributing to these failure rates, and what needs to change?  In this article, we will examine common approaches for enabling Industrial IoT initiatives, the pros and cons, and their culpability for the high failure rate. We will then introduce a revolutionary new approach to solving manufacturing’s platform problem; an approach that has driven tremendous value to the tune of 20% increase in manufacturing efficiency on average for our customers within the first month.
About MachineMetrics We solve complex organizational challenges with a holistic digital transformation solution that integrates proprietary data collection technology, advanced analytics, strategy consulting, and a change management approach. With each engagement, we leverage our data collection technology—which integrates IoT-captured machine-data with real-time human feedback—to develop a 360° view of the organization. We use these insights to inform our consulting approach, designing solutions that align with the organization’s best opportunities and greatest needs. Using this holistic approach, we optimize processes, improve efficiency, and support impactful, lasting digital transformation that delivers a positive return on investment.

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