TF88 Multifunctional Automatic Sensing Equipment for Temperature Measurement and Disinfection

At present, because the whole country is affected by the epidemic situation, various countries are taking corresponding epidemic prevention measures. And with the appearance of hot people,Various detection measures make the detection process very complicated. Today I want to recommend one of our integrated disinfection and temperature measuring machines.
When we walked into the hotel, the customer walked to the temperature measuring device placed in the hotel, reached out his palm, and the device immediately measured the temperature. And displayed on the device’s small screen. When the temperature of the inspector is normal, the device will release hand sanitizer for disinfection . Finally, the customer enters the hotel safely. The whole process is completed.

Our temperature measurement and disinfection automatic induction equipment can easily complete the above process. First of all, our equipment uses high-precision infrared sensing technology, easy to install, and fast temperature measurement efficiency. Fashionable and stylish. Support multiple languages.