The 5 Best Personal Air Conditioner Fan Reviews and Buying Guide

Personal mini air conditioner fan are very compact size cooling devices which are intended to give you cooling in a small area where using a SPLIT or Window AC will be the costly option.
Thus, they cannot keep your entire home cool but are very efficient in cooling small spaces where you spend the maximum of your time. Since they are very small in size you can fit them on your desktop in the office, study table etc.
Moreover, they do not require any wall-drilling or hose installation which makes them ready to use as soon as you unbox it. These fans are very affordable in price but beware they are not suitable in humid climates.
I am sure you are now planning to buy your mini personal AC fan. But before buying you must keep following three important factors in your mind related to your personal ac fan-

Mode Of Operation: The personal ac fans run either on AC power or in-built battery power. Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages.Battery-powered AC Fans can be taken anywhere and used where electricity is not there. But as soon as they discharge you will feel difficulty if not in possession of your power bank to recharge them.Fans that run on AC power can run continuously till the time power cut is not there. However, their limitation is they can only be taken to places where electricity supply is present.

Water Shortage  Indicator: This is a very helpful feature. It gives you an alarm whenever your cooler runs short on water. It also stops the humidification process automatically that saves your cooler from getting damage when running short on water.So after the alarm, you can refill your cooler and humidification will start again. Thus, our advice for you is to always include this feature in your AC Fan.

Timer function: If you remain too busy or love your sleep very much then this feature is for you. As it allows you to manage the uninterrupted running of your cooler. You can program your cooler for 2/4/6hrs as per your need during which it will run continuously and gets switch-off itself when the set time is reached.

You have gone through these 3 important factors, but don’t forget to check other factors in our Buying Guide which are also needed to give due consideration. After thorough research, we have selected the following 6 best Personal AC Fans for you. So, you must go through them to find your best choice
5 Best Personal Air Conditioner Fan

Personal AC Fans
Mode of operation
Water tank capacity
Timer function Or Not
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vpph Portable Air Conditioner Fan
Uses 24DC adapter to take power from socket
Yes (2/4HRS)
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Mikikin Portable Air Conditioner Fan
Uses 24DC adapter to take power from socket
Yes (2/4HRS)
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