MIDI to DIN in the SyncHole!

Get your 808’s and 909s ready as we depart for a journey into uncharted musical territory, through a timezone portal connecting the early 1908s to the modern day thanks to the genius of Jason at SixtyFourPixels. The SyncHole – MIDI to DIN sync box is a device which allows you to use widely used MIDI signals to control the more obsolete DIN style many classic drum machines employ. Let’s take a step back in time!
This ingenious device converts MIDI to DIN, with two MIDI inputs in the classic 5-Pin form as well as the newer 3.5mm version used by Arturia, Novation, and various other manufacturers. Not only that, it gives you not one, but FIVE outputs – which means you can be in perfect sync with 5 machines, negating the need to daisy chain them and risk latency issues. It’s wonderfully designed with LEDs to indicate activity, tempo and power – with a socket for 9-12V barrel style input, somehow allowing for both negative or positive polarity.

The SyncHole is a device which would have sold millions in the 1980s and still has massive functionality and relevance in the modern era. This is one of many products you’ll find made by the incredible SixtyFourPixels , who are based in Brighton, England.