Commercial Aircraft Cable Assemblies Versus Defense Aircraft Cable Assemblies

When you look at cable assemblies, you’ll think that every kind of cable assembly is the same. Each kind of cable assembly will look the same in appearance and construction; and then you may think that they are the same in function too. But, that’s not true! Every cable assembly is different in both form and function; for example, cable assemblies used in automobiles are different from those used in aircrafts. And even more, cable assemblies used in commercial aircrafts are different from those used in defense aircrafts. Now you’ll wonder why the cable assemblies for both commercial and defense aircrafts are different, because after all, aircrafts are aircrafts. So, let’s help clear your doubts with this blog.
What is a cable assembly?
Before getting into the details, let’s first understand what a cable assembly is. A cable assembly is a group of wires bundled together. The harness could be small and simple, or huge and complicated, depending upon the application it needs to be used in, and the size it needs to be made in. For example, cable assemblies used in a car are comparatively much smaller and simpler than those used in an aircraft.
Cable assemblies used in an aircraft
Cable assemblies used in aircrafts may have thousands of wires in them, with hundreds of connectors. And, with such hundreds and thousands of connectors and wires, a single cable assembly may weigh more than 40-50 kilograms! Cable assemblies play a very important role in aircrafts as they can be installed as a single unit, instead of installing thousands of wires, one wire a time. Thus, with cable assemblies, the space used is lesser, organized, and neat. Also, the installation is easier and quicker, making the repairing, maintenance, and replacements easier and quicker too.
Commercial aircraft cable assemblies versus defense aircraft cable assemblies
While both commercial aircraft cable assemblies and defense aircraft cable assemblies use wires, contacts, connectors, and covers to bundle up , and are both tested the same way for continuity and insulation resistance, they are yet different in one aspect. The main difference between the two is how they are bought off by quality. Both commercial aircraft cable assemblies and defense aircraft cable assemblies are inspected and approved by different authorities. Different authorities are assigned the tasks to manage and maintain commercial and defense aircraft projects, and their qualities.
Where to get your cable assemblies from?
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