8 Best VR Racing Games on All Platforms

Racing games are a staple of the video game industry. They have been around since video games were a thing and are an essential part of gaming in all platforms – whether in PC, consoles, or mobile devices. Through the repetition of courses and optimization of vehicles, racing presents a simple gameplay loop that is accessible to almost everyone.
VR gaming offers a whole new way of enjoying racing games. The added immersion of playing the game through a VR makes the experience so much more exhilarating. If you’d like to try this out yourself, then check out our list of the best racing titles in different VR gaming platforms.
1. Project CARS 2

Compatibility: Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR
Project CARS is a relatively new franchise compared to more established ones like Gran Turismo, making it even more amazing to see how developer Slightly Mad Studios have elevated their brand to stand head-to-head with the giants. We’re putting the 2nd iteration of Project CARS at the top of the list simply because this was the first major racing game to truly embrace the shift to VR.
Even when played on a console, Project CARS 2 is already considered one of the best racing titles. Project CARS 2 hits the perfect balance between realism and entertainment, providing a thrilling and satisfying racing simulation without burdening the player with game mechanics that are too complicated. The result is a wild ride that is easy to pick up but still difficult to master.
Playing in VR further highlights how gorgeous the environments of Project CARS 2 are. You might end up finding yourself wanting to stop racing just so you can take in all the sights around you. The environments aren’t just eye-candy, though – the physics and handling of your car react appropriately to rain or when racing in loose surfaces like dirt and mud.
A lot of effort went into porting Project CARS 2 into VR, and it truly shows in the results. Getting back to racing on a monitor would be hard once you’ve tried out Project CARS 2 in VR.
2. Gran Turismo Sport

Compatibility: PlayStation VR
The PlayStation-exclusive Gran Turismo has always been a benchmark of racing games. The GT Sport title may seem a bit dated by now, but its graphics and gameplay still hold up. With amazing lighting that highlights the gorgeous card, the intricately detailed cockpit, and industry-best handling, it’s safe to say that GT Sport is one of the best racing games of this console generation.
The VR port of GT Sport was released about a year after the original game, providing players with a whole new experience. While the graphics of GT Sport look great on the screen, its drawbacks become much more highlighted in VR. This is likely because of the limitations of both the screen of the VR headset and the hardware of the PlayStation 4.
There’s a major caveat to playing GT Sport in VR – not...