However School Gets Back in Session, Home Security Can Help

This year, our back to school season looks unlike any other we have ever seen.

Many parents across the world are faced with one of the most difficult choices they have had to make on their child’s behalf. And many others have had their decision made for them for myriad reasons.

Most families are looking some variation of three options:

Full-time in classroom learning
Full-time online learning
50/50 blend with time spent learning at home online and time in the classroom

Whatever path you take, we want to help.

We aren’t healthcare professionals here at Guardian, and we don’t give medical advice on how to keep your family safe from COVID-19. But we are security experts.

Ahead of the school year, we decided to examine these three scenarios and design a dream security solution for each that would really make a difference.

We’ll also give you some ideas on how to use all of these products, based on your child’s schooling options.  

Before we dive in:

These groupings are only suggestions based on how they can make life easier for parents with kids in school.

You may choose to take advantage of different device benefits depending on your child’s age, and if they can be home alone.

Whether or not a child is able to be to home alone should be based on a combination of factors, including age, maturity, your best judgment as a parent, and of course, the laws in your state.

While every use case below may not work for your family, Guardian solutions are totally customizable, and we believe there really is something in here for everyone!

Now, let’s get started!

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How it helps parents:

PowerG Motion Sensors

How it helps parents:

Keep track of when they come and go
Get an alert if they leave the house

Indoor Camera

How it helps parents:

See that kids are doing their schoolwork when they should be
Speak to them directly using two-way voice

Outdoor Camera

How you can use it:

Helpful when parents and kids are on different schedules
When kids are home alone, get peace of mind that your property and family is safe
Check in when you are working indoors and kids are playing outdoors

Video Doorbell

How it helps parents:

Kids never have to answer the door while home alone
You can answer it from anywhere on your smartphone
No one who visits will know they are home alone

Video Analytics

How it helps parents:

Receive an alert if there is a person on your property
Program to automatically record a video clip if a person is detected

IQ2 Touchscreen Panel

How it helps parents:

Disarm photos snaps a...