Opinion: AI Robots at MSN News Site Are Doomed

A freelance editor who was replaced by AI robots at the MSN news site warns the tech is doomed.


“Now, at a time where context is needed most, MSN is handing the reins from editors to engineers,” observes Bryan Joiner.

Essentially, MSN’s AI robots are not nuanced enough to stay true to MSN’s core mission, according to Joiner.

In other AI-generated writing news:

*Natural Language Generation: The State of Things: Robert Dale offers an in-depth look at the current state of Natural Language Generation – also known as AI-generated writing.

Dale is a principal consultant at Language Technology Group.

It’s a consultancy designed to offer unbiased advice on AI-generated writing.

“Today’s commercial NLG technology appears to be relatively simple in terms of how it works,” Dale observes.

“Nonetheless, there is a market for the results that these techniques can produce,” Dale observes.

“Much of the real value of the solutions on offer comes down to how easy they are to use and how seamlessly they fit into existing workflows,” he adds.

*Proppping-Up Retail in the Age of the Coronavirus: AI Can Help: Retailers promoting with text need AI more than ever, according to Perry Malm.

He’s CEO of Phrasee, an AI tool that churns-out short ad copy for marketers – such as email subject heads or company slogans.

“In sensitive times such as these, ensuring that your brand’s marketing copy is on-brand, sensitive to the circumstances at hand, and tailored to the unique tastes and preferences of your audience has become a digital marketing imperative,” Malm observes.

“AI’s inherent ability to test and optimize marketing copy at scale — and in real time — make it a perfectly suited tool for this complex task,” Malm adds.

*AI and Student Writing Assessement: A Video Walkthrough: Jing Xu, principal research manager at Cambridge Assessment English, offers a walk-through on how AI writing assessment works.

Key advantages of AI writing assessment, according to Zu, are:

*High reliability of test scores

*Near-instant scoring

*Near-instant reporting of scores

*On-demand testing

*Learning-oriented reedback

*PR Pros Still Waiting for AI Tools: While journalists, writers and copywriters are seeing AI transform their professions, PR pros are mostly left waiting on the sidelines, according to Stephen Waddington.

He’s managing partner at Wadds, a business consulting firm.

“It appears that innovation in tools in PR — and adoption by practitioners — has changed little in the past two years,” Waddington adds.

“AI is clearly having an impact on related, more lucrative areas of communication and marketing,” he observes.

“But these tools have yet to be applied to PR,” he adds.

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