Introducing the Freedom R8200. Available at Gap Wireless

Freedom R8200 is the Ultra-Portable LMR Test Solution for Subscriber & Infrastructure Testing
The new R8200 has the same industry-leading spectral purity and test capabilities as the R8100, plus a single-port Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) capable of measuring return loss, VSWR, and Phase.

What Makes the R8200 Unique?
The Freedom R8200 from Astronics Test Systems represents a major step in the evolution of the Land Mobile Radio service monitor. The R8200 is the first and only test instrument that combines comprehensive digital and analog LMR testing with the ability to measure important RF network characteristics such as Return Loss, VSWR and Phase. The R8200 is also the only service monitor with the ability to display RF parameters in a Smith Chart for more complicated network analysis.
Why Choose the R8200?
Organizations can now save thousands of dollars and potentially much more by combining two instruments into one. The R8200 also allows the technician to carry one portable instrument rather than two – making his or her job easier and freeing space in the van or on the bench. And because the R8200 is built on the proven, industry-standard R8000/R8100 platform, it can be purchased with the knowledge that it is backed by the world-class service and technical support capabilities of Astronics Test Systems.
Saving money and making the technician’s life easier – the next generation of LMR test instruments from Astronics Test Systems.

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