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Fortnite developer Epic Games is lobbying for significant rules changes in the App Store and put their enormously popular game on the line with a policy violating update that enabled in-app purchases outside of Apple's ecosystem. Apple responded by removing Fortnite, but Epic was immediately prepared with their next two chess moves — a lawsuit, and a parody video of Apple's famous '1984' Macintosh commercial intended to win Epic favor in the court of popular opinion.

Joe, Georgia, and Lory are here to break down what this all means for users. They also have rumors of 'Apple One' which could bundle various services at a discounted price. There's also the possibility of Apple selling access to their own virtual fitness classes. Stay Tuned!

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Fortnite has been removed from Apple's App Store | iMore
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Apple to release 'Apple One' services bundle as soon as October | iMore
Apple's next subscription service might be new virtual fitness classes


Lory Gil
Joe Keller
Georgia Dow

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