Enhance Your Mobility with MaaS

Are you sick of being stuck in traffic every time you go out? Driving back home from work just feels like another stressful job. Congested roads, polluted air and all that waiting in the traffic jams just add to your daily stress. Well, it is not just you or your city. All the major financial hubs in the entire world have seen a massive surge in traffic jams since the past decade. Thanks to attractive company car policies, increased purchasing power of citizens and affordable cars, almost every household owns at least one car. Some even own two or three, as more and more people have joined the workforces now. 
A Solution to the Global Mobility Problems
So what is the solution to this worldwide problem?
Get rid of all the cars on the road…just kidding!
The solution to this is quite easy, act smart and be flexible while choosing your modes of transportation.
What ‘being flexible’ means is to ditch your car and choose different modes of transportation like cycling, scooting, ride-sharing or even public transport. 
Here’s how you can implement it to your daily commute to work, college or wherever you are heading.
Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
Ever heard of mobility as a service?
If not, here’s your guide to everything you need to know about what it is and how it can change your life. 
Imagine an application that has all the available modes of transportation in your city integrated within it, where you can book or pre-book your daily commute anytime you want, where you can pay for all the mobility services via your credit cards or other easy hassle-free payment options.
Sounds like a huge lifesaver, right?
Well, it sure is. Mobility as a service is a solution to all your mobility problems. 
How Does MaaS Work?
MaaS combines all the different modes of transportation which include, but are not limited to, bikes, public transport, taxis, ride-sharing, car-rentals and more.
It provides value to commuters using a single application that offers multiple modes of transportation.
What’s more?
It lets you pay using a single payment channel , instead of having to pay for each service, individually.
MaaS facilitates everything for you to ensure a smooth mobility experience. 
What else does it do for you?
A Seamless Traveling Solution
Whether you are an IT specialist working at a corner office, a machine operator working at a production line, or a freelancer who has to visit different organizations every now and then to work, odds are you stay stuck in traffic for hours every day, cursing either the transportation system of your city or the cars stuck in front of you.
But you are not alone in this.
According to a study, commuters spend about 54 hours stalled...