Death In Paradise Season 10: Humphrey Goodman Set To Return! Familiar Faces Joining, Know Plot And Release Date

Death In Paradise will soon be celebrating its tenth anniversary with fans. And, the upcoming season, Death In Paradise Season 10 will bring back a few of the old characters. BBC’s boss confirms the return of many faces along with Humphrey Goodman in Death In Paradise Season 10. Lets us find out what newness will the next season explore.

The crime drama TV series ‘Death In Paradise’ has been created by Robert Thorogood. The story is about the investigation, where we see Richard Poole as the assigned detective magnificently and successfully finding the murderer. But further in season three, we find him murdered, and detective Humphrey Goodman came to take charge. But, he also resigned in the middle of the sixth season. As the plot proceeds further, we see the replacement of the detectives. Each one leaves with their personal issues. It seems that Death In Paradise Season 10 will also bring some new faces in the show. Let me tell you one thing that these new looks have never changed the pace of the show. The series will thoroughly surprise you with new elements and thrill in it. Let us find out what new things will the tenth installment bring.

Death In Paradise Season 10: Humphrey Goodman Returns

After the show got back in the filming process, we have noticed many changes. Season 10 will comprise many old characters from the show. DS Florence Cassell will be back in the plot. But, it seems that Florence isn’t the only one to return to the show. We might also see more of Humphrey Goodman. Tim Key hinted for surprises and more of returning faces ahead. He also hinted about taking viewers to 2021. It seems that Humphrey could return wanting his job back. It will be exciting to see how he copes up with the changed situation.

Death In Paradise Season 10: Filming Status !

Josephine Jobert revealed in her Instagram stories about the filming process. There was heavy rainfall, and she shared the video of raining and being safe. However, it seems that the weather is back to normal, and they are continuously busy with their production work. She even teased about the coming up of a romantic storyline for her character. So, better get ready for more of excitement ahead.

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Cheers from the make up truck! Getting ready to shoot (this series is going to be sooo nice. Many surprises to come…) ✌

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