A WiFi Temperature and Humidity Sensor For Every Room of The House

No matter where you live, or what size your house may be, temperature and humidity will always be a factor. Growing up in Florida, it was the latter that always caused problems, but even living elsewhere has proven that these things are universal.
If you’re looking to monitor these metrics in your home, whether out of curiosity or to better see how you can improve your heating and cooling efficiency, this USB WIFI & MQTT Temperature & Humidity Sensor offers a great way to quickly gather the data you’re looking for.
The built-in software allows you to configure the device onto your WIFI network and transmit data to an MQTT broker of your choosing. It comes with the improved DHT22 sensor, which has a range of -40 to 125 degrees Celsius with an impressive +/- 0.5-degree accuracy. The humidity range also covers 0 to 100% with a +/- 2% to 5% accuracy.
If you’re not looking for that kind of precision, you can also opt for the DHT11 sensor which has a small temperature and humidity range, but still offers good accuracy. During the checkout process, you can also specify if you would like a kit or if you want the device fully assembled.
If, for some reason you don’t have a MicroUSB Cable lying around, you can request one of these as well. Depending on the size of your home, a sensor like this could be incredibly useful for seeing how well your air conditioning is able to heat or cool various areas. Who knows, it could even save you some money in the process!