Top 10 Web App Development Companies To Hire In 2020

Do you think it is better to get a web application instead of a mobile app? Indeed, there are many benefits of creating web apps over mobile. 
While mobile usage has grown up to 50% in 2020 , people are preferring making more online searches for services. However, they don’t prefer every application to be downloaded in their mobiles, 
Nearly 40% of users prefer to use the internet browser instead of downloading mobile apps . Thus, creating web apps is a better way to serve modern users’ needs. Owing to users’ preference, web app development is admired and preferred among businesses.
The following representation shows internet usage, indicating the significance of web app development solutions. 
source: Why must you embrace web app development? 
If you are new to this term, you would be pondering why I should invest in web applications when people are using mobile applications? 
Well! Web/PWA applications are app solutions that run over Phone browsers and don’t require to be installed over the phone. Moreover, these types of applications offer native mobile app experience that keeps users hooked for hours. 
Being lightweight and faster than mobile applications, they allow users to utilize application functionalities seamlessly. Moreover, their shortcuts can be placed over mobile screens for quick access. 
Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and many other market giants are offering PWA apps to their users. Moreover, whether you are creating a video streaming application or grocery delivery, these applications can be searched and ranked over google search engine without creating a separate website. 
I am sure that now you would have understood why web app development is a wise investment in 2020. 
Though, you need to hire a deft web app development company able to leverage modern technology stack and programming language to innovate a unique solution for your target audience.
Image source : Google Indeed, it is true that finding a reliable company that can fulfill all your needs within the required time is quite difficult. More than that, handpicking the best one from the heap of web app development companies around the world is another headache. 
Thus, here are some best web app development companies to consider that are known for giving the best solution in recent times. I have prepared this list by acquiring complete insight over their work and performance in the past. All of these companies have been enlisted in various business forums and review/rating websites for providing IT services. 
Moreover, I have considered the following parameter while choosing them: 

Experience in IT services (more than 5+)
Developer hourly price 
Reviews and Rating 
Expertise in IT services 
Reasons to trust 

So, let’s...