Microfinance Solution: A Need of the Hour

Microfinance has a significant role in bridging the gap between the formal financial institutions and the rural poor and the microfinance software is what that helps to automate all business activities. Microfinance Software provides you a smart banking functionality and enables you to manage you to focus on other areas of business. The Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) access to financial resources to a huge selection of unbanked population which has no prior credit history. Microfinance solution also helps.

Over the past few years, microfinance solution institutions have shown impressive growth and have been instrumental in the cause of financial inclusion. These institutions are the only factor equipped to resolve the existing cash crunch among low-income individuals situated in the suburban and rural areas.
MFIs offer financial services and small business loans within communities that have limited resources and very few avenues for economic growth. By microfinance solution empowering the people within these communities with their Microloan products, MFIs help these small businesses develop using their existing talent and skillsets.

Despite the incremental growth of MFIs, a lot remains to be achieved in terms of their operational efficiency. The cost of outreach would have a negative impact on making the business model dangerously unprofitable if the process was completely manual in nature.

In this case, a well-rounded microfinance solution like Southtech’s Ascend Financials can be what you are looking for. Whether you are a small MFI looking to make a change or the industry leader, our flagship product Ascend Financials is your one-stop microfinance solution.
Ascend Financials helps you to: 
We know how fancy it sounds to be completed online through a microfinance solution. But how realistic is it? Are ALL your branches online? What happens to those who can’t at all?
Branch reached the highest beneficiaries? For our competitors It takes a few months. In case of the smartest microfinance software in Bangladesh, just a click away!
In case of branch overload, increase or divide the scale and size of your MFI with smooth and easy data transmission. Transfer a large number of customers and their portfolio from one branch to another within minutes with this powerful microfinance solution.

Our dynamic reporting tool of Ascend Financials lets MFI clients produce financial reports in various formats that are in alignment with every regulatory body. With our microfinance solution, eliminate the need to manually prepare reports on Excel altogether and avoid the double work.
Our microfinance solution enables you to send your field officers to collect loan repayments and deposits in remote...