These beautiful luxury sheets are biodegradable

You love the soft, crisp feel of luxury sheets on your skin, but their price tag can be steep. But more affordable sheets are usually made with synthetic fibers of questionable quality. Plus, they just aren’t as comfortable on your skin. Wouldn’t it be nice if one company could bridge the gap between affordability and quality when it comes to bedsheets with a healthy dose of sustainability thrown in? One company has done it. Cornucopia Living Redefined Luxury Sheets has created sustainable bedsheets made with perfectly-balanced yarns at a fair price. Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not.
Cornucopia Living sheets offer both Supima Cotton Sateen and Organic Cotton Percale. Each type is constructed using ethically sourced, sustainable, and natural cotton fibers in a beautiful design. The sateen sheet features 100% Supima cotton for a lovely, natural sheen while the perale sheet is woven with 100% organic cotton for a crisp, breathable texture that’s soft to the touch. No matter which version you choose, these sheets will keep you comfortable all night and any time you take a nap. And with sheets as comfortable as these, you might find yourself integrating more afternoon siestas into your schedule.
What are sateen sheets?
That’s a good question and one worth knowing the answer to. Cornucopia’s sateen sheets are made using Supima cotton, which is known for its strength, softness, and color retention. It’s an ideal yarn for the sateen weave, which features a yarn count of 80s x 100s Supima cotton fibers. This makes the sheets softer and lustrous, with no pilling. They’re also durable, sustainable, and have moisture-wicking properties. These are the luxury sheets you dream of having in your smart bedroom . And did I mention the Supima Sateen Sheets are hypoallergenic? They are. So you won’t have to worry about them aggravating your or your partner’s allergies.

Cornucopia Living Redefined Luxury Sheets on a Bed

What are percale sheets?
Percale is a tight, breathable cotton weave that stays cool while you sleep and is soft to the touch. The best of both worlds, really. Cornucopia percale sheets, however, are made with organic cotton in a 90 x 110 square weave. They’re also durable and antimicrobial. And like the Sateen Supima Sheets, they also feature moisture-wicking properties and are hypoallergenic. What’s different, though, is that the percale sheets have a denser, square weave that makes them stronger, more absorbent, and quick to dry. They also become softer after each wash, which is a pretty cool feature.

Cornucopia Living Redefined Luxury Sheets with Stripes

How is this organic bedding good for the environment?
The Organic Cotton Percale sheet is biodegradable. This means you won’t have to worry about it languishing in a landfill decades after you’ve thrown your set away. These luxury sheets are also made using sustainable methods where...

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