Best family location tracker: FamiSafe parental control app

In the current scenario, migration into the internet era changed the childhood nature of innocent souls. Even a two-year-old operate a smartphone professionally without any difficulty. It is high time for the parents to hunt for a reliable parental control app to monitor the online activities of the kids and teens. Finding out a reliable app seems to be a challenging task in the present situation.

This article feeds you with an incredible parental control app. The FamiSafe is a sophisticated tool that safeguards your kids from online monsters through remote access. Worry not! You had found a better platform to protect your online activities of your kid.  
Effective Parental Control App
The FamiSafe parental control app from Wondershare is a unique program comprising of persuasive features. You can rely on this software without any hesitations. The FamiSafe is a boon for modern parents. The parents can establish complete control over the mobile activities of their kids remotely. Here, the supervision occurs even without the knowledge of the kids. Come on! Explore about its remarkable functionalities ahead

Excellent web filtering option to prevent the entry of inappropriate internet content reaching your kid’s device. The inappropriate content includes adult websites, porn videos and images, addictive gaming websites etc.
The ‘App Block’ feature assists the parents to disable the app access in their child’s phone remotely.
You can now limit the smartphone usage time for your kids using the ‘Screen Time’ option
Set time limits for app usage to prevent your kid from getting addicted to apps and games
The ‘Explicit Content Detection’ feature in FamiSafe identifies any inappropriate texts in your child’s phone and notify it immediately as an alert signal to the parents so that they can take the quick measure.
The FamiSafe help the parents to track the real-time location of their kids precisely and set Geo-Fence to protect them from danger zones.
Get a report on the online activities of your kid anytime with the help of FamiSafe’s ‘Activity Report’ feature.
The ‘Browser History’ feature lists out the websites visited and time spent on each web page precisely.

Features in Detail

App Block and Usage
The FamiSafe parental control app is the right application which turns off the app access in the kid’s gadget effortlessly. You can find out the installed apps in your child’s phone and if you find any suspicious games and apps, then immediately disable it remotely using the FamiSafe channel. There are options to limit the usage by setting a time limit for each app.
Website Filter
When you turn on the ‘Website Filter’ option in the FamiSafe parental control program, then automatically it resists the risky and unnecessary websites from loading into the kid’s phone. With the help of this...