Best Ways a Fad Diet can be disastrous for your health

Ever looked at those size zero models walking the ramp, or the model showing off her svelte body in the clavicle highlighting off-shoulder outfit and wondered what it takes to get there? Given the sedentary yet busy lifestyle that most of us have, squeezing in a workout and actually put in efforts to plan healthy nutritious meals have never been harder. We want the weight off, and we want it off ‘fast’. Thus, the decision to resort to fad diets and how they came to be.

These diets usually sound too good to be true and under all probabilities, they are. They are popular and work for a while and definitely not recommended by medical professionals or nutritionists . Yet we fall prey, get into such diets , get thrilled with quick results and before we know it, we are right back to square one and ready to embark on yet another vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting.

So, what’s  IN  now?

While we have already done and dusted the age-old Atkin’s diet, the Dukan diet and such, the current trending ones are the keto diet, the paleo diet and the LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) diet. With such promising tag lines, what’s inconspicuous is their astronomical failure rate once you go back to your regular diet.

Here are 10 reasons why these diets are destined to fail and how these diets cause more harm than good.

1. What are you ‘actually’ losing?

It is easy to take up a fad diet and get thrilled with the rapid weight loss in the initial days. Ever thought how the weight comes off so fast? Is this thrill something that will last? Maybe not. Rapid weight loss within a short time usually means the loss of water weight from the body. This is the water that the body holds on to in case of dehydration. This unhealthy pace of weight loss can lead to dehydration without you even realizing it happening and it is not even actual weight loss.

2. Ah! The fatigue.

A good healthy diet should make you feel like a million bucks. It should not leave you feeling like you ran a marathon when you have barely done a thing. Fad diets can deprive your body of necessary nutrients and make you feel unmotivated to do even the basics tasks or proper workouts. Suddenly you have a perfect recipe for a weight loss disaster – hungry, thirsty, irritable, unmotivated and no workouts. This is counterproductive and just is a sure shot way to gain all the pounds back.

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Best Ways a Fad Diet can be disastrous for your health
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3. What’s on your plate?

Most fad diets advocate cutting on certain macronutrients from your diet and concentrate on others and thus create an imbalance defeating the science behind a healthy...