Is Mint Mobile a better value than Google Fi?

Data savings

Mint Mobile

From $15/month at Mint Mobile


Bulk savings
Cheaper data
No overages
Compatible with most phones


International roaming is extra
Minimum of three months
No unlimited option

Mint Mobile can save you money on data with three months of service and can save even more with six and 12-month plans. With enough data for most people and no risk of overage fees, data can be cheaper than ever. You also get T-Mobile's large LTE and 5G network behind you.

Worldwide coverage

Google Fi

From $20/month at Google Fi


Free roaming data in 200+ countries
Data is free over 6GB
Unlimited plan available
Multiple networks


Expensive data
Few phones support full network
Data slowed at 15GB on the Flexible plan

Google Fi is a great premium option with no contracts. You get the benefit of more than one network with a supported phone that keeps speeds and coverage higher than many other carriers. You can also take that data with you internationally for no extra fee in more than 200 countries.

For people that spend most of their time in the U.S. in an area with T-Mobile coverage, Mint Mobile can save you some serious money. Google Fi will have better coverage, especially in rural areas thanks to its combined network consisting of T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular towers. Google Fi also makes a lot of sense for people that travel internationally with no change in data cost in more than 200 countries around the world. Still, with Google Fi charging $10 per gigabyte of data, the costs can still add up quickly.

Mint Mobile vs. Google Fi Mint trims the fat

Mint Mobile keeps its costs low by trimming the fat in several areas where Google Fi excels. One thing you'll notice is that Mint Mobile wants you to commit to up to a year for maximum savings. Mint Mobile also doesn't have a lot of plan flexibility. You can choose between three different data amounts that should fit most people but won't adapt to changes in usage well, especially if you buy 12 months of service.

Finally, even in the U.S., only having access to one network means that you'll see your service drop to zero more often than Fi, though it's worth mentioning that T-Mobile's network, which Mint Mobile uses, covers the majority of people.

Mint Mobile
Google Fi

T-Mobile Sprint US Cellular

5G support
Yes (T-Mobile 5G compatible)

Family savings
up to 6 lines

Data throttling
At data cap
Flexible plan: 15GB Unlimited plan: 22GB

Minimum term
3 months
1 month

Maximum term
12 months...