QR Code Reader To Solve The Problem of Ticket Inspection in Scenic Spot

With the construction and development of smart scenic spots, it is not difficult for people to see rows and rows of smart code scanning gates at the entrance of all major scenic spots. Visitors can quickly pass through the smart ticket by scanning the electronic ticket bar code in their mobile phones when entering the station, which is easy and convenient.
According to reports, the traditional scenic spot ticket check mode mostly adopts manual ticket check mode, which is easy to escape the phenomenon of missing tickets and so on. At the same time, it is very inconvenient for the late ticket check and tourist data statistics, especially in the holiday peak period, it is easy to cause the scenic spot ticket management difficulty and workload greatly increased!
RD4500R is used to install on the gate, and “2d bar code ticketing software + 2d barcode scanner module ” is adopted to realize the integrated control and system management functions such as ticket checking, query, summary and statistics in scenic spots.
Regardless of whether they are tourists in the network to buy electronic tickets for qr code or get the paper notes, only visitors to the ticket brush “qr code” can be quickly validate electronic tickets or paper tickets and efficiently complete code check-in, sweep code module automatically read paper barcode data and background check check the ticket information in the system and tickets for real-time inspection of authenticity, reduce the error rate of manual operation, improved the efficiency of check-in. It not only improves the service experience of tourists, but also alleviates the working pressure of ticketing staff.