LuminoGO: Comfortable and Sustainable 3D Printed Face Mask

LUMINO was founded by Bernhard Neuwirth, Michael Marcovici and Nadine Damblon to provide a new type of face mask that would be comfortable and reusable. The LuminoGo mask allows the wearer’s face to be fully visible and sterilizes breathing air with UVC light or with an integrated filter. Using Shapeways’ services to 3D print nearly all of the parts for the mask, the LUMINO team was able to prototype quickly and affordably with different material and color options.

We interviewed Bernhard Neuwirth, CTO of LUMINO, to understand how they utilized Shapeways’ 3D printing technology and services to develop their innovative face mask.

Can you take us through the start of LUMINO?

When the pandemic
started in China, my business partner Michael Marcovici and I, were in the
business of freeze dryer production. Our business slowed down immediately, as
we could not get many needed parts anymore. While we have been in lockdown in
Austria we started to look into the mask market and the various designs.

LuminoGO – UV-C based ventilated sterilizing mask. Image source: LUMINO

How has the pandemic influenced your business decisions?

The pandemic certainly was the reason for us to look into mask design and technology. But LUMINO was certainly not created just for the pandemic, we believe the design solves many problems of current masks on the market. The currently used masks in urgent care are one-way disposable. We want a product that is nice to wear and sustainable.

Who are LUMINO’s customers?

The LUMINO mask is
a very versatile product and has up to 16 different configurations, its use
ranges from hospitals to sales personnel, from bartenders to public services
and many more. LUMINO can be configured to sterilize in one or both ways (in
and exhale) it can be equipped with ventilators for fresh air and easy
breathing. It can be used with traditional filters as well as our own developed
UVC light module that kills germs with ultraviolet light.

Shapeways was helpful in every way from early on in the project. I especially liked the very fast production options, the choice of materials and the amazing quality of the product.
Bernhard Neuwirth, CTO of LUMINO

Which parts of LUMINO’s products are 3D printed? Why did you choose to 3D print them?

Almost all parts
are 3D printed. The main reasons for us have been fast prototyping, fast
production, choice of materials and colours, which is important for branding
and personalization. The big difference with competitors is that we have
already working prototypes.

LuminoGO in multiple colors. Image source: LUMINO

What is the benefit of using Shapeways over more traditional manufacturing methods?

Shapeways was
helpful in every way from early on in the...