How To Use Echo Show with Your Security Cameras

Recently we purchased several Ring cameras to add to our security system and an arsenal of smart home gear. At the same time, we picked up two echoes show 8, one for ourselves and one for the grandparents to chat long distance.   

After setting up and going through the features, we realized you can also use the Echo Show with your security cameras. No, it’s not a built-in feature, but can be useful for your surveillance system.   

Let me walk you through the process.  

How to use “Drop-In”?  

If you have an Echo Show, you probably know about a feature called Drop-in when doing video calls.  But, if you are not familiar with Drop-in, this is how it works.  

The drop-in feature allows specific contacts which are chosen by you, to automatically start video chats or calls. Without you having to ever accept the call.  

This means anyone granted Drop-In permissions can get an instant video feed of whatever the Echo Show front-facing camera is seeing.  Also, allowing you instant access to a live feed of the area in which the device is located.

Amazon built “Drop-in” to make video calls as smooth as possible. So, when they say “Alexa, drop in on Rodney”, they can have an instant conversation with you, “Rodney”. Well, how does this work as a security camera?  Good question! 

How to use drop-in as a security camera on the Echo Show? 

It’s really simple, download the Amazon Alexa app and sign up for Alexa Calling messaging. Once you’ve signed in through the Amazon Alexa app, and enable the Drop-In feature, start the call to your Echo device.  

After the timer is up, you’ll get a live video feed of whatever is going on where your echo device is located. That’s the trick!  

It’s not necessary for someone to be home to answer the call. I know, this is not technically labeled as a security camera but can be a useful feature to include in your smart home security system . 

If you own several echoes shows, you can have a full range indoor surveillance system. 

This feature can also be great if you have any loved ones that are suffering from illness, the disabled, pets, or younger kids you would like to check, on and make sure everything is fine. 

To add some fun to the concept, set up a couple of echo dots around your home and start a quick conversation! 

Drop-in Privacy Concerns 

Drop-in sounds cool when you use it a couple of times but it also easy to forget about privacy and security concerns. 

Once you permitted a friend or a family member access, they can drop-in anytime, unannounced, which can be a little creepy. Unless you want to risk a family or friends dropping in on you during an inappropriate time. You should switch off the camera or Drop-in until you want to use it.  

Viewing Security Cameras on Echo Show 

As I mention earlier in this article, we have...