Lucifer Season 6: Actor Kevin Rankin Hints Possible Comeback, More Details To Know

Lucifer Season 6: While we know that Lucifer is coming to an end, we do have a whole season and the remaining episodes of the second half of season 5 to look forward to. Lucifer is Netflix’s one of the most successful shows so even before the fifth season released, and the streaming giant renewed the show for Lucifer Season 6. This news indeed came in as a surprise. But then, what’s next? What is coming up next for the characters? The show creator and actors have dropped some details about it. Keep reading to know everything 

What could come up Next?

Honestly it is very difficult to say what could come up in Lucifer Season 6 as fans are still waiting to see the second part of the fifth season of the show. However, the creators of the show have dropped hints on what could come up. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, they revealed that the sixth season will indeed be the final season of the series. 

In the same interview, Henderson said that this story that they are bringing in the sixth season is a story they always wanted to tell but now that they have extra episodes to tell it, they will pan the story much bigger canvas. He says that his heart breaks to think that they weren’t doing all of this like this earlier. To this statement, Modrovich added that they do have one giant story coming up that will be the main one for the sixth season. He added that it was this particular storyline that made them think about a sixth season. 

The episode writer at Lucifer says when they started thinking for the sixth season and went back to the writers’ room, they started looking for things that they could use. Then they thought that they are a cop show and what all issued have they addressed about the systemic issues of the police department? They wanted to bring one of those stories that speaks in itself. They want to make it emotional from all the characters’ point of view and that is what they will be doing in Lucifer Season 6. 

Is Malcolm Coming Back For Lucifer Season 6?

Recently actor Kevin Rankin, who plays Malcolm on Lucifer commented on how he is keen to come back on the show. However, he does have a condition. He admitted that Malcolm was in the show for small appearance. In fact he was supposed to burn hot. It looked like Malcolm’s lifespan was limited. However, now it looks like there is a possibility for a return of the character.

As of now, Lucifer is overlooking his dominion in the world. The king of the hell would eventually run into his old arch-enemy when he comes back to his throne. In an interview, Kevin says that he never likes to force things, but if things take a new turn naturally, and it feel like a real story, it would be nice. Maybe they wanted to involve Malcolm as they tried to end things off. 

#TeamMalcolm isn’t trending now, and might not trend for anytime soon. All courtesy to the pain Malcolm has caused the crew. No matter...