Fake AI-Generated Blog Fools the Experts

A fake blog generated from thin air – and a little help from AI-text generator GPT-3 – convinced some of the Web’s savviest readers it was legit.


Liam Porr, a student at University of California, Berkeley, says he was able to generate dozens of fake posts for his made-up blog simply by feeding headlines to the AI-text generator.

Those few words were all that GPT-3 — which uses AI-driven predictive statistics to generate text – needed to spit-out full-length blog musings.

In fact, Porr got so good at feeding GPT-3 ideas, one of his fake posts zoomed to number one in popularity on Hacker News, a collaborative news aggregator.

“Porr says his experiment also shows a more mundane but still troubling alternative: People could use the tool to generate a lot of clickbait content,” observes Karen Hao, senior reporter, AI, MIT Technology Review.

In other AI-generated writing news:

*New Free AI Tool Allows You to Auto-Generate Text: A new tool has popped-up on the Web that enables you to play with AI-generated writing.

The app — provided by Primer Labs — allows you to:

*Paste in any document and instantly distill its essential elements, like who, what, where, etc.

*Paste in any document and instantly generate a summary of the document – complete with bullet points

*Paste in any document and ask questions about what it covers

Designed to showcase the prowess of Primer’s tech, the app is an eye-opener in terms of what’s currently possible with commercialized AI-generated writing – and where it’s headed.

Fortune writer Jeremy Kahn — who test-drove the tool — sees it as indicative of natural language processing’s “golden age.”

*Need A Quote from an Old Video?: Let AI Do It: Journalists searching for a pithy quote from decades-old video now have a new tool to grab it for them.

Dubbed ‘The Reuters Video Archive,’ the prototype service uses AI to race through a library of videos dating back more than a century to find quotes and key footage.

“Say you are looking for a particular soundbite or cameo: The tech can pinpoint the precise time you need to pluck-out your quote or clip — instead of traipsing through audio or video content,” observes Jacob Granger, a writer for Journalislm.co.uk.

The archive tool – sponsored by the Google Digital Initiative Innovation Fund – still needs to be perfected, according to Alex Maragoudakis, senior product manager, Reuters News Agency.

*AI-Generated Writing as Playwright: A team of European researchers is attempting to use GPT-2 – an AI-generated writing tool — to pen a play.

The app, which generates its own text based on text inputted by humans, is known for veering off into the nonsensical when attempting long-form writing.

The research team is attempting to circumvent that problem by using GPT-2...