5 Surprising Causes Of Lower Back Pain

Are you one of those who believes the current situation has changed the way we live? Gone are the days of the morning rush, of adjusting the office chairs for the umpteenth time, and walking around in painful heels. All that has now been replaced by more flexible work timings, comfort dressing, and the added benefit of sitting anywhere and everywhere around if you are working from home. Yet, are you unable to explain why you’re still going to bed with a stinging low back pain?? If that’s the case, then the reason, in all likelihood, isn’t the usual suspect (read: your work habits). Instead, the culprit could be the common mistakes we make in our day-to-day lives in our posture that wreaks havoc on our lower back. Wondering what they are? Then here are 5 surprising causes of lower back pain, which probably never crossed your mind:

We all love our wallets! And why not? Considering we keep the most important belongings in them like credit/debit cards, ID cards, cash, memorabilia, and whatnot! However, while women usually keep their wallets somewhere safe (which simply means their handbag), men like to carry their foldable wallets with them – everywhere! It is as though their life depends on it. Seeing men carrying bulging wallets in their pant’s back pocket is a common sight. Some of them take it to another level by keeping their wallets right beneath them even when they are seated on their bean bags/couches when working from home. If you are someone who does this, then beware! An overstuffed wallet not only affects your posture but can also end up compressing the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve starts at your lower back and runs through hips, buttocks, and legs. Sitting on an overstuffed wallet for prolonged periods can compress this nerve and result in low back pain 1 .
There’s a reason why the chairs in your office are particularly chosen for their ergonomic features. That is, to provide ample support to your back. However, when at home or any other chosen spot of work, this important detail often skips our attention. Couches are probably a favorite go-to seating option – be it working on the laptop, watching our favorite TV shows, or simply lounging around. However, what we do not realize is that sitting still in a particular position results in low back stiffness and pain. The seemingly comfortable nature of the couch can easily distract you from the evident strain it puts on your back. So, next time you choose to sit on it, make sure you get up every now and then to stretch your back.
Think driving and the immediate image that comes to your mind might be that of driving into the sunset on silky roads surrounded by scenic locations. Of course, the real picture might be anything but that. In fact, we all can agree that driving can be quite stressful at times. Especially, when you have to navigate through pothole-ridden roads or slow-moving traffic....