How to Check and Update All New Windows 10 Features in 2020



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How you can check and install all latest Windows 10 OS updates, like new features, patches, and service packs.
The new updates came up with Windows protection from malware or other cyber-attacks, solved other specific bugs, and added all-new features.

This 2020 year came up with lots of surprises for all of us worldwide, many things have been changed and they are still changing as per the current situation of COVID 19. Many of us doing their office work from the home, most of the people converted their spare space into the work stations or dining areas into the workspace so that they can work for as long as they want without losing any comfort. Likewise, Microsoft also came up with new touches, features, patches updates, and more to boost up your work-from-home productivity while working on the 2020 Windows 10 OS.
The Microsoft Windows 2020 updates are easily doable for everyone. Whether you are operating the previous version of Windows 10 or any other edition of Windows, you can easily update your Windows into the latest one and can enjoy working on this new OS. In this post, we’ll guide you on how to install the new 2020 Windows 10 updates and other latest updates for other Windows versions; Windows 8/7/XP, etc.
Why Is Windows 10 2020 New Update Rolled Out?
This update for Windows 10 is one of the most important updates that has been rolled out in the 2020 year. Since we’re all working from home these days and there’s no IT guy available for us to handle our Windows issues. We all are on our own to face any Windows issue by ourselves and here Microsoft understood the problem and rolled out with this major update of Windows 10.
The major update that Microsoft rolled in is its Windows Health Release Dashboard update. This dashboard is specifically designed to avoid any file deletion while updating the windows. Since lots of file deletion errors have been coming after the October 2018 update, to avoid such issues Microsoft has done a great job by launching this update in 2020 so that the same issues will not happen again.
What’s New Features Rolled In The Windows 10 2020 Update?

As we already talked upon on a few above, lots of major updates and features are there in 2020 Windows 10 update directly focused on user’s interaction, performance, and seamless experience with non-stop working on this OS platform. Let’s see all of the below:
1. Can Do Quick Searches
Microsoft has included a few more options in the “search-box” to find out the accurate information right away as per your search intent. Let’s see what they are:

Top Trending News
History Today
Weather Updates 
New Songs & Movies

It’s going to work like...