5 Common Problems Of The Apple Watch in 2020 And Their Solutions

In this blog we are going to show some very easy steps for solving the 5 most common problems of the Apple watch series 3 and Apple Watch series 4. No doubt Apple watches are a leader in their segment, but they too face some very silly issues that may be frustrating for the users. So Let's start with one of the the most common problem with the Apple watch.

1. Apple Watch does not connect to LTE (The most common problem of the Apple watch) 
Most of the Apple watch users, who have the LTE version, complain about their LTE connectivity. Apple has also admitted this issue to be occurring in the Apple Watch 3 and Apple Watch 4 . However, some fixes can help you out to get rid of this problem:

Try restarting your watch, and after that, it will connect you to LTE.
If it does not work out then go for toggling the airplane mode and restart the watch for receiving the LTE signals.
However, if the problem persists then try installing the new update of your watch. You can easily find it in the software update portion of general settings. This will surely solve the problem out.

2. Unable to Send Messages from Apple Watch 3 & 4
So here, we have a problem that is also a common problem of the Apple watch. If you cannot send messages from your Apple Watch then there is nothing to worry about. There are 2 simple ways to tackle this problem.

First and foremost, check for the apple id. Make sure that your watch is logged into the apple id. If it’s not then try to make one, and you will be able to send or receive text messages subsequently.
Try to re-synchronize your iPhone and watch. You can however do it in a min with ease. Here are some easy steps:

Tap Settings on your iPhone
Then tap on the Messages.
Look for Send & Receive and tap it.
Press Sign Out
Now go back to Settings of Messages
Go for turning iMessage off
Now turn it back on.
Finally, go back to Send & Receive and use your Apple ID for iMessage to sign back in

This simple turning off and on plus signing in and out technique will surely solve your problem. However, if things don’t go as expected then contact your  nearest iFixScreens store  for further consultation.

3. Why Apple Watch does not track activities?
Another common problem of the apple watch may be that its not tracking the activities which can be caused due to the following reasons:

The watch may not be tightened to your wrist. Try to give it a snug fit around your wrist for recording actual activities.
Fitness tracking might be switched off. Go to your iPhone and look for Privacy in the Watch Settings. Toggle the Fitness Tracking if it is switched off.
Try re-calibrating the watch from the Privacy of Watch Settings. Follow these  instructions by...