GeekWire Podcast: Tech job market flips; Surface Earbuds arrive; Gates Foundation CEO on COVID-19

Here’s what we’re talking about this week on the GeekWire Podcast.
COVID-19 has upended the tech startup hiring market: There used to be more jobs than talent, but the situation has flipped in the face of business challenges from COVID-19. Tech giants and startups who are hiring now find they can pick from the cream of the crop. We’ve been looking into who’s hiring, and what it’s like to hire and onboard new employees remotely. Plus, how Silicon Valley’s cutbacks could impact the Seattle tech market .

Microsoft’s new audio foray. After a delay, the Surface Earbuds are almost here . Will they be worth the wait? Someone on our podcast is hoping so. Microsoft has a very good reason for making flashy new hardware like the earbuds.
Mark Suzman, the new Gates Foundation CEO, discusses the foundation’s efforts to fight COVID-19, and addresses how the quest for a COVID-19 vaccine compares to HIV/AIDS, in a highlight from his exclusive conversation with GeekWire members this week. Read more.
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