The Top 5 Things Every Remote Monitoring System Should Have eBook

Many companies are turning to remote monitoring to achieve their goals of becoming safer, more efficient, and more sustainable in how they work and operate. Starting with SCADA, and now with the advent of the Internet of Things, these systems have been faithful companions to business leaders who want to empower their workforce and maximize output. As they grow in popularity, more vendors are starting to offer remote monitoring solutions, either as an OEM or through channel partners. 
What is Remote Monitoring?
In its most basic form, remote monitoring is a technology solution which includes all or most of the following:

Sensors –Devices that measure a physical process and convert it into a standard analog or digital signal.

Processors – Field computers that read output signals from sensors and process them back it into engineering units, then prepare the data to be transmitted through a network. Note: Some sensors are sold with integrated transmitters.

Network Gateways – Devices that relay information about processors through a communications infrastructure either to another network gateway or to a place of rest, like a database.

Databases – Places where data is logically stored and can be accessed by data management tools or other databases.

Data Visualization Interfaces – Software tools where people can interact with the data stored in databases. Can either be hosted on a website, licensed and installed on a PC, or on a rugged HMI in a field location.

Analytics Engines – Data-processing systems that use high-level computation to arrive at useful conclusions about the assets which the system monitors.

Informed Decision-Making
This eBook is designed to help the modern, forward-thinking industrial business leader make an informed decision by highlighting what we believe are the most important elements of a remote monitoring system. With this guide, you’ll be equipped to distinguish the cream from the crop and lead your team to success.
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