Barcode Scan Engine used for Scanning bar code

Barcoding technology was born in the laboratory of Westinghouse in the 1920s.John Kermode, an eccentric inventor, be fantastic to sort postal receipts automatically by recording the original barcode of a product. bar code is composed of a set in a certain arrangement of the characters, empty symbols, which can be read by machine. it is also made of black and white symbol which were arranged according to certain rule, each bar code represent one information or one product which can’t be copied.

So what are some great barcode scan engines on the market? Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies Co.,Ltd. are specialized in barcode identification technology 20 years. Which supplied so many great modules Such as LV30 ,LV3096,LV3296,LV3000H,RD4500R…etc,? all modules were adopted international advanced chips and intelligent image recognition technology , creating a new era of barcode recognition engine.

Rakinda’s decoding chip perfectly integrates advanced image recognition algorithm with advanced chip design and manufacturing technology, greatly simplifying the design difficulty of barcode reading products , and sets up a standard with high performance, high reliability and low power consumption.Image collector and decoder board integrated into one, small size, light weight, easy to integrate, which is suitable for various industries, such as PDA products , POS products, tablet devices, portable devices,mobile payment, code scanning for bus or station…etc.