The 7 Best Disco Ball Lights Reviews and Buying Guide

Disco Lights emit sharp, clear and bright laser lights that makes your mind go rocking on the beats of music. They add such an enthusiasm in your party hall that neither you nor your guests will be able to stop yourself from going crazy dancing on the dance floor.
Scintillating light effects of your disco ball lights help in making your party decorations look beautiful. Disco Lights are budget-friendly also as they combine both visual and audio system together. So, you don’t need to look for a separate sound system. Just plug your lights, press play and you will feel the difference.
If you are planning to buy a Disco Ball Lights. Then you should keep following three main factors in your mind while purchasing your choice-

Area it will cover:  You should always go for the brand which provides you with such an illuminating area that covers the whole of your party hall. But for that, you need to be aware of the area size in which you are going to place it. Effective illumination area is mentioned by various brands you should check it every time before making your buy.

Number of lights colours it emits: Disco Balls emit different colours of lights from them which creates the rocking atmosphere in your party. There are brands that provide you with two colours, while some provide you with three colours. There are also the brands which provide you up to 9 colours in their Ball Lights. So, you can select as many colour lights you want as per your wish

Light control/Light modes: Disco Balls are famous for the fact that they continuously keep changing the lights they emit. So, there are 4 different modes by which your Disco Light Changes its colours these are AUTOMATIC MODE, SOUND ACTIVATED MODE, FLASH (STROBE MODE) and ROTATING MODE. I have explained all these modes in our buying guide section. You can have a read there to know about them.

But you should not forget to read our Buying Guide which contains other factors that decide the performance of your ball light.
But you must now be confused about which brand to buy as there are numerous brands present in the market. Don’t worry, we have selected the following 7 Best Disco Ball Lights which you can buy just go through them one by one
7 Best Disco Ball Lights

Disco ball lights
Size and weight
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Luditek Disco Ball Party Lights
1 year
(0.2 Kg)
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Disco Ball Party Lights
1 year
11x10x11.5cm (0.16Kg)
(Red,Green,Blue, Pink)
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Spooboola Store Disco Light
(Red, Green)
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Katzco Store Plasma Ball
7inch Ball Dia