Bloodborne 60 FPS Mod on PS4 Proves Why We Need a Remaster for PS5

Yes, you read that right. Bloodborne running at 60 fps on PS4. What once seemed impossible is now a reality, all thanks to a heavily modified build by Lance McDonald . Before we dive deeper into it, check out some of the gameplay here:

Ah, I did it! Bloodborne running with a 60fps frame cap (no v-sync so lots of screen tearing) with proper frame timing and game logic timing. This is running on a base PS4 pro, will try to get an actual FPS counter to display tomorrow and test on PS4 Pro with boost mode. — Lance McDonald (@manfightdragon) April 28, 2020

Now, as fans of From Software’s PS4 exclusive will know, the original release’s biggest flaw was not just a 30 fps lock, but the bad frame pacing that came with it. Being a PC gamer, I do love my 60+ fps gaming, but considering the current-gen console hardware, I’m fine with a 30 fps lock on games if done well.

Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) is a perfect example. While the game is locked to 30 fps on both PS4 and PS4 Pro, it’s done extremely well, with even frame pacing and good use of motion blur to hide any frame drops. Bloodborne was not that lucky when it came out. The game had really choppy framerate. While most of it was patched in consequent updates, the final game still doesn’t play smoothly even today. This has been an issue with many of From Software’s titles on consoles, with their recent entry Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice also having the same problem. While that game runs with an unlocked frame rate, it hovers around mid-40s with uneven frame times, so the result is really stuttery.

Bloodborne Gameplay People who are into PC hardware will know just how significant the ramifications of this can be for next-gen. One of the main limitations of this generations’ consoles was the AMD Jaguar CPU, which really limited a lot of games to hit high framerate targets. That’s why a lot of AAA studios had to choose between enhanced visuals or performance, with most going for the former as it helps to sell more consoles. Of course, on the PC side, that’s never been much of a problem. Now, the next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X both will be powered by a Zen 2 CPU (essentially a slightly modified Ryzen 7 3700X). The PS5 will offer a good bit of performance improvement over the aging PS4, more of which you can learn here .

“The new PlayStation 5 hardware features full backwards compatibility for PS4 – and migrating from the lacklustre Jaguar core to the latest AMD Zen 2 technology easily solves the fundamental CPU limitations experienced in allowing Bloodborne to consistently hit 60 frames per second.” – John Linneman, Digital Foundry

You can check out even more Bloodborne 60 fps gameplay thanks to Digital Foundry below. They also had an interview with the McDonald, the modder himself. McDonald has managed to tweak the game’s timings to run at proper 60 fps with even frame pacing. He also...

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