Arduino Mini Library for Proteus

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Hi Everyone! Hope you’re well. I welcome you on board. In this post today, I’ll explain the Arduino Mini Library for Proteus.
I’ve been creating and adding new libraries in Proteus Library Database to help you better understand the working of Sensors and Arduino Boards in the Proteus workspace.
You can use these libraries in your projects. They are easy to understand and you can download and run these libraries yourself just by reading our posts. I’m sharing both files i.e. simple simulation and simulation with the Arduino Boards.
Before I proceed further let’s get to know what’s Arduino Mini and how it’s different from other boards.
Arduino board is an open-source platform carrying both ready-made hardware kit and software IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that we run on compute and program and control our boards as we like better. Arduino Mini is a type of Arduino Board.
Arduino Mini is available in two models i.e. 3.3V/8MHz and 5V/16MHz. The later is almost similar to Arduino Micro and Nano and carries the same speed and voltage as them.
While Arduino Mini 3.3V runs with slower speed and it is easy to power, allowing you to power it with external batteries. One more difference, Arduino Nano contains an FTDI chip that is mainly used to include a USB serial port while Arduino Mini doesn’t.
Moreover, Arduino Mini doesn’t contain USB , comes with fewer analog pins, but it carries more flash memory compared to both micro and nano since Bootloader uses only 0.5kb memory.
We’ve already detailed the Arduino Mega 2560 Library for Proteus and Arduino Mega 1280 Library for Proteus .
And if your system doesn’t contain proteus software, check this post that explains how to download and install proteus software.
Hope you’ve got a brief introduction about Arduino Mini, let’s now dive in and learn how to get Arduino Mini Library for Proteus .
Arduino Mini Library for Proteus

Click the link given below and download Arduino Mini Library for Proteus.
This downloaded file will come in zip format.


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When you extract this zip file, it will return two further files named as ArduinoMiniTEP.IDX and ArduinoMiniTEP.LIB.
Copy these two files given above and place them in the proteus library folder.


Now you’ve placed these files in the proteus library folder. After doing this, start your proteus software and if it’s running already… restart again.

Note: We’ve already shared Arduino Library for Proteus that contains six Arduino Boards in a single library.

The next thing we do is search for our library in the pick libraries option of the proteus software. To...