Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) Scanning

Organizations are seeking new ways to protect their staff and guests. Using Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) scanners at their points of entry is a highly visible front-line tool that not only provides efficient initial screening, but demonstrates an organization is committed to keeping staff and visitors safe.
HB is currently offering the GoodView’s SV1080-series of kiosk solutions . Top-level features of the scanners which include a temperature scanner kiosk with a wall mount, a temperature scanner with a table stand, and a temperature scanner kiosk with two different floor stands are:

Contactless: the entire unit is no-touch, from the moment it’s plugged in

Aimable: units tilt up or down for standing or seated users or children

Face detection: the unit wakes up and provides visual and spoken prompts when a person faces the unit

Mask detection: the unit provides visual and spoken responses when a mask is not worn (this feature can be disabled)

Pass/Fail: the unit displays the temperature, has a green/red indicator, and provides an audible alert

Accurate: results are within ±0.5°C