6 Best Games for HTC Vive

The HTC Vive was a big hit in the VR space when it was first released, offering something a little bit different to the Oculus Rift which had long held the crown when it comes to VR headsets . Since its release, the HTC Vive has seen a number of updates, with various models now available targeting various types of gamers.
In this guide, we will be looking at some of the best games for the HTC Vive and comparing their various pros and cons. We will also briefly discuss what makes each of these games so compelling to play, as well as how they score against the competition. Therefore, if you are looking to buy an HTC Vive or are simply looking for a new game to play on the headset, stick around as we dive into some of the best games available on the popular VR headset.




Genre: Action

Release Date PC: 07/10/17

Low price and full of action-packed gameplay.

Best Value

Elite Dangerous


Genre: Sci-fi

Release Date PC: 12/16/14

A lot of game for a relatively low price.

Top Pick

Beat Saber


Genre: Rhythm

Release Date PC: 05/01/18

Simple, enjoyable, and appealing to a wide audience.

What makes a good VR game?
When it comes to choosing a good VR game, there are a number of factors to consider such as the genre of the game, what features it has, how polished the gameplay is, and how pricey it is. You might also want to check its release date, as a particularly old game might not be worth the money in the modern-day.
When deciding on a genre, you will, of course, want to pick the one that appeals to you the most. For example, if you are looking for a good first-person shooter, then focus on titles within that genre. Otherwise, there is a chance that you could get sidetracked and sucked into buying a game that you aren’t really that interested in.
The features of a game are arguably what will distinguish it from other games in the same genre. For example, Call Of Duty and Escape From Tarkov are both war-based first-person shooters. However, that is more or less where the similarities end, as the former is more of an arcade shooter, whereas the latter is more like a simulator.
If you wanted to play a more casual shooter, with fast-paced action and plenty of gunfights, Call Of Duty would be the better option. However, if you wanted a more realistic game, where you have to think and act based on more than position and magazine count, Escape from Tarkov is the better choice.
When it comes to gameplay, you are going to want to make sure it is smooth and reliable. After all, you don’t want to find yourself putting the game down due to glitches and poor software development. Fortunately, most games these days run pretty well. However, there are still examples of games that are...